Wow, I'm so excited!

I just received my second large shipment of Malabrigo yarns, and I think I have a good mix of product available.  Dos Tierras and Rios are pretty well fleshed out.  Plus, I've made sure to get full sweater quantities of even some yarns that I only expected to be used for shawls and other accessories, because the deeper I dig the more large projects I find that people are making with even the thinnest of yarns.

Also, with this shipment I filled in some gaps in color.  There are some colors I'm just not that wild about, plus I found that when Malabrigo posts their stock, the lighter colors start selling out within hours.  So, this time I was on the spot to nab some yellows, naturals and pale grays.  

I am continuing to learn more of what is available within the Shopify web site builder and I continue to be impressed.  I tried using the order handling system for this order, and it was perfect.  No need to pull out the packing list and check off each item.  Instead, I'd put the order into my system with each product entered, the quantity expected, the tracking number and any notes.  I was able to verify product cost when setting up the transfer to begin with.  Then, today, I just went through the boxes, verifying the number and type of each yarn, and clicking a box on the system as I went.  Once I was done and clicked save, the inventory was updated and available on the site!  Super easy!  No doubling up on work.

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