PRE-ORDER Cypra Copper Interchangeable Needle Sets

PRE-ORDER Cypra Copper Interchangeable Needle Sets

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Lykke has a brand-new product coming out -- copper interchangeable needle sets!

PRE-ORDER this highly anticipated product from us now and be one of the first to get these beautiful needle sets. 

The set includes 12 pairs of 5-inch copper needles designed to quickly warm to the touch and to gently patina over time.  These are neatly stored in a stylish black or brown vegan suede case.

The needles connect smoothly and seamlessly to cords.  For Lykke interchangeable needles, we find that it is important to tighten that connection just a little using the keys that are included. 

The cords that are included are a durable synthetic that becomes supple after a little use.  And some of our favorite things are the connectors that are included.  Although the cord lengths are relatively short, the connectors can be used to easily extend the cord lengths to get as long as 84 inches!  The range this provides is astounding!  Plus, if you need to increase or decrease cord length mid-project, it's easily accomplished by adding or removing a section instead of spending time transferring to new needles.

Each set comes with 12 pairs of needle tips*, 5 cords**, 2 connectors, 4 keys and 8 stoppers in a high quality case.  Each case has 2 convenient pouches-one with a zipper and the other with a flap.

These sets make great gifts-to someone else or yourself!

*Included Needle Sizes: US4 (3.5mm), US5 (3.75mm), US6(4mm), US7(4.5mm), US8(5mm), US9(5.5mm), US10(6mm), US10.5(6.5mm), US11(8mm), US13(9mm), US15(10mm), US17(12mm)

**Included Cord Lengths:  2 x 14 inch (for 24 inch total length), 2 x 22 inch  (for 32 inch total length), 1 x 30 inch (for 40 inch total length)