Blue Belle Swift
Blue Belle Swift
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Blue Belle Swift

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We call this our Blue Belle Swift because it's got layers of blue protective plastic over the metal of it's vanes, and it comes in a convenient blue storage case.  The structure reminded me of a hoop skirt, so she's our helpful Blue Belle!

I've personally been using one of these for years and I've been extremely pleased with it.  My Blue Belle folds up and stores very compactly, but can handle relatively large diameter skeins of yarn.

An added bonus is that the angle the Blue Belle is operating at can be adjusted up to 90 degrees, plus it has a handle at the top so that it's easy to use it when winding yarns into a skein.

This is a handy and reliable umbrella swift that I can recommend with no reservations.  It's especially great to use with our Chiffon Ball Winder.